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Welcome to the community!

I see the following error in our logs:

ERROR: SCM provider was set to “github” but no SCM provider found for this key. Supported SCM providers are hg,git

It would appear you have set SCM provider to “github”, which is not a valid SCM provider, and unnecessary when using Autoscan. Please drop the setting, and let me know if this fixes your issue.

Hi Janos,

Thanks for the quick reply.
When I go to Administration -> General Settings -> SCM the field is blank.
How can I unset the value or drop the setting?


Do you set it in a file in the repository?

No. This is the content of the file :

# Required metadata
# Comma-separated paths to directories with sources (required)

# Coverage results path

# Language

# Encoding of the source files

Also, whenever I set a value in any field of the general settings, I get this message :
Validation failed. An error has occurred. Please contact your administrator

Thanks, I can now edit the various settings.
It looks like the organization did not have an administrator!

Am facing this issue even though have credits for organisation.
Your analysis with ID “AXXzo645Uj1iz4k3VvAY” has failed: your number of lines exceeds your organization plan