Failing analysis ID: "21bee700-6c32-4d80-8e77-bf1be01c547c"

Hi team

Can you help me about this failing analysis ? 21bee700-6c32-4d80-8e77-bf1be01c547c

I didn’t find any logs :frowning:

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Welcome to the community!

The problem is that your project contains .gitignore as a directory. Our scanner tries to process it as a file. Is this directory intentional? I’ve never seen such use case before.

Moving this directory out of the way will fix this problem. If you still get a failure, then let us know again the new failing analysis id.

Hi, i am new in this community. Thanks for your help!
I deleted .gitignore file, and still continue with this error code. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Hi @msalguer, are you working on the same project as the initial poster of this thread?
If yes, then please let us know the new failing analysis id, otherwise we don’t know how to find logs to investigate.
If not, then please start a new thread, with enough details so that somebody can investigate.

Sorry @janos, open new thread. Thanks.