Failed to upload report: Error 500

Hi Team,

We are using Sonarqube Enterprise Edition -* Version 10.4.1 (build 88267), we are having trouble with Sonarqube analysis step that when the size of report is more than 4 MB, we are having trouble with the pipeline throwing an error that : java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to upload report: Error 500.

How do we increase the size in report server upload and the DB we are using is MSSQL Server.

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Hey there.

A few things can result in this error:

  • Are you serving your SonarQube server over HTTPS? Typically when that’s the case, there’s something in the middle (like an IIS server) that might have a limit on the size of the request that can be submitted to the server. The error message should be clear if the issue is coming from something like nginx or IIS
  • This issue can be faced when storage on the SQL Server is close to being filled. Your DBAs should check on that.

Hi Colin,

I’m running it through ZIP file, is there any IIS in between for this, also for SQL Server we dont have any storage issues, i confirmed it with my DBA. Thanks

I mean, that’s what I’m asking you. Is there a reverse proxy in front of the SonarQube service? This is usually done to serve SonarQube over HTTPS, but it’s all configuration done “outside” of the ZIP file.

Hi Colin,

No we are running it only through internally with http over private IP. Is there anything that can be done using Sonarqube to increase the limit

Hey there.

If SonarQube is returning the 500 directly, you should see something either in your ce.log or web.log (docs). Do you see anything there, immediately after receiving the 500?