Failed analysis "319a8a45-b339-4603-abe2-c3b34fae8a81"

Here are the informations

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • Automatic scan

The last analysis has failed with analysis ID: “319a8a45-b339-4603-abe2-c3b34fae8a81”.

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Hi @Laurent_Etiemble

I am seeing this error on the scanner logs:

ERROR: Invalid value of sonar.tests for <<I-ve-removed-your-project-name-here>>
ERROR: Wildcards ** and * are not supported in "sonar.sources" and "sonar.tests" properties. "sonar.sources" and "sonar.tests" properties support only comma separated list of directories. Use "sonar.exclusions/sonar.inclusions" and "sonar.test.exclusions/sonar.test.inclusions" to further filter files in "sonar.sources" and "sonar.tests" respectively. Please refer to SonarCloud documentation for more details.

I hope this helps!

@Laurent_Etiemble , the Documentation Team has a ticket to improve the statement about wildcards. I’ll move that up in our backlog… Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

In the meantime, the first sentence about Wildcard patterns should say:

“Most parameters discussed below such as exclusion and inclusion-related parameters use path-matching patterns (a.k.a simple wildcard patterns). The sonar.sources and sonar.tests parameters cannot use wildcard patterns.”

Great news. Thanks you for quick reply.

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