Fail to reactivate user

Hi, I have a similar issue where i need to “reactivate the user”. in my configuration I have Azure Active Directory as source for authentication, by error a user was deactivated and now he cant be reenable (Sonar Qube does not create a new User, it just states “You’re not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator”.

Hi @gefidalgo,

Could you please send us the logs generated in logs/web.log ?
There should be an error that will help us understand your issue.


@julienlancelot, has this been answered?

This is not a “give me a log” sort of thing. Many users out here simply cannot reactivate a user. The UI does not allow us to do this. So, simply when I deactivate a user, how can I reactivate it without going to the database. Even the API only shows the activated users. I can’t use the /create api, since a SAML user comes in as LastName-FirstName-MI12345, I would need to know the last 5 digits to use the /create api to “re-eanble” it. It’s random and if it wasn’t recorded somewhere, your sonarSource customer has no options! This is rather upsetting–and the response to @gefidalgo upsets me more.