Facing an issue with API Search

Hi Team,

We are facing an issue with api project search, all projects are able to see through api search but only one of the project we are unable to see but from UI we are able to see in the projects list after the scan completed.

Can someone please help us how to resolve this issue.

Santosh Kumar Kadathala

GET api/projects/search is an API only available to users with the global Administer permission – while what you see in the UI (the Projects homepage) will be restricted by permissions of the user who is browsing.

Are there different permissions on this lone project than the others?

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the response,
The user is also able to see from UI but from GET api/projects/search he unable to see the project Name.

Santosh Kumar Kadathala

We are able to list all the projects using following [/api/projects/search?ps=500]

Welcome to the world of API Pagination. :smiley: Glad you figured it out.