Expose sonarqube url publically

  • Enterprise Edition Version 9.2.4
  • We wanted to run sonarqube internally in our organization for that we have configured VPN tunnel and only want to expose (publically) part of sonarqube e.g. https://sonarqube-external.xxx.com/api or something so that scanning and web api’s can be run through other CI tool.
    sonarscan is running through the CI tool which is not behind VPN and so it is not able to connect with sonar URL for scanning, but post scanning steps execution(web API’s) are working.
    What path(URL) we should make change so we can make it publicly exposed to certain paths so that scanning should also work and post scanning actions are also should work?

For this use case, we have two URLs for sonarqube


To be clear, analysis uses Web APIs to request the necessary data from the server and then to POST the analysis report to the server at the end.

You’ll need to whitelist a handful of URLs, and the easiest thing to do will be to just run an analysis and see what URLs are called.