Export/import option not available enterprise edition

We installed sonarqube successfully. I like export and import the projects. Only i have no option in the gui.
On the currently version we don’t have that option to export the projects

Do i need to install a plugin? What’s the name of the plugin.

Thanks in advance

Hey there.

What edition of SonarQube are you using? The ability to import projects is only available in Enterprise Edition – the ability to export projects in lower editions became available in SonarQube v9.1.

Hey Colin,

Thanks for you answer we have enterprise edition on both servers.

  • Enterprise Edition

  • Version 9.3

  • Enterprise Edition

  • Version 8.0 (build 29455)

So it is possible but do i need to install a plugin? for the Version 9.3
And is there a other possibility to export the projects on Version 8.0
Or do we need to upgrade to version 9?

Thanks in advance

To import projects from one server to another, both servers must be on the exact same version.

I would suggest reading the documentation on Project Move – you should find the Import/Export space under the project-level Administration of v8.0, and project-level Project Settings in v9.x

Hi Colin,

Yes that was my next step it’s up and running.
I can import/export projects.

Is it possible to export all projects instead of one by one.
I have 622 projects

Thanks in advance
With kind regards,

In the UI – it’s one by one. You might find some use in using the api/project_dump Web APIs to automate this (but you’ll still have to fetch the project dump from the file system)

I will try that one.

Thanks Colin