Export csv report from sonarqube community Edition


Please clarify on below asks.

  1. Any plugin is support to generate csv report from sonarqube community edition 8.0?
  2. which version of sonarqube the csv export option is available and what is the plugin name and location to download.
  3. If no plugin for any sonarqube community version, then share other alternate solution for csv report generation.


Please update on above request

Hi @hareshintellect,

you can use the webAPI to export any/all data from SonarQube even in the Community Edition.
If you are looking for reporting, you can find some in the Enterprise Edition ($). you can give it a try there.

Have a nice day

I am using sonarqube version 8.0 and i want to export isssues to an excel/csv from sonarqube version 8.0.

I have tried using sonar-csv-export-plugin-0.4.1 plugin to export issues in csv but it is not working.

Instead of using web API to export the issues from sonarqube 8.0, is there any plugin can use and export the data in excel/csv ?


here are a couple of threads related to yours, in case you want to go deeper into the API:

Ultimately, we think the best place to observe/interact with issues is in the platform itself, as mentionned by Colin in the 2nd post.


Hi, I am using SQ Enterprise 8.1. I need to export a list of issues/bugs to CSV or PDF file. Please let me know how can I do that. Thank you in advance.

HI @Zia
Did you check the mentioned post above ?