Execution of task timed out

Hi everyone,

Since June 8, 2022 we have been receiving the following error for our master brunch

Execution of task timed out after 1811441 ms (threshold: 1800000 ms)
  • Examples of background task IDs with failed results: AYFHubjjAb4zhNI2bsmV, AYFHrGMrJ6tMCEr1IN1r

Could you please give some advice on how to fix it

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We have same issue - @Alexey_Mitrofanov did you find a solution ?

@jonathan_gafner no, we still see the same errors. We excluded test code from the scan and at the moment the error appears only for 2 branches with more lines of code during C lang scanning (but again, sometimes everything is ok, sometimes it finished with the error :slightly_smiling_face:)