Exclusion properties no longer documented

Current page for analysis parameters no longer documents exclusion parameters, eg sonar.exclusions or sonar.coverage.exclusions

These parameters were last documented for version 7.3 in section “Exclusions / Inclusions”:

This section is now missing, all parameters except sonar.cpd.exclusions are no longer documented.

I assume this was a mistake? Or were these parameters removed/deprecated?


You have a sharp eye! These parameters were removed from the documentation, but they are not deprecated, and there is no plan to remove them.

Instead, you should set them through the UI. In general, it can be difficult to set some types of exclusions via analysis parameters and yet the presence of those keys in the docs seemed to encourage some people - particularly new users - to try to set them via analysis properties. So they were removed from the docs to send people into the UI, where they have always been thoroughly documented.

As a general note, there are many properties that could be set via analysis parameters but are not documented outside the UI itself. The original purpose of the external Analysis Parameters documentation was to list the things that must be set during analysis and cannot be set via the UI.


P.S. FYI, after thinking about it to write this reply, I’ve realized that sonar.cpd.exclusions should have been dropped too. That will happen with the 7.7 release.

Hi Ann,

thanks for the clarification. I should have read the “Analysis Parameters” page more carefully: It says exactly this. Also, now I searched for and found the “Narrowing the focus documentation” which documents the exclusion parameters:

Thanks for the very good documentation & your patience pointing me to it :wink:

Best regards,

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