Exceeded lines on Angular projet after upgrade


I upgraded to the latest version of Sonarqube CE (from 8.1 to 8.6) last week and since, I have this problem with an Angular project : Sonarqube tells me that the server line code will exceed my limit of 250,000 but the licence page says that I only used 159,474 lines.

When looking to the project information, it says there is only 3,1 k lines.

Before this upgrade, analysis worked fine for this project.

Trace_sonar.txt (4.8 KB)



What the interface is telling you is that SonarQube didn’t process the analysis because it would have bumped you over the license’s LOC limit. This way you have a chance to evaluate what’s included in the analysis and adjust your settings or exclusions rather than being locked out of further analyses.

Probably the best thing to do here is to compare your analysis logs (I.E. the one produced by your CI/CD) before and after this problem showed up. Hopefully they’ll help you figure out where the extra LOC are coming from.