Sonarqube Developer Edition has encountered an issue with increased lines of code after upgrading

Hello Team,

I upgraded the SonarQube Developer edition version from 8.9 LTS to 9.9 LTS due to an issue with increased lines of code in every project. The project lines of code have increased by 60% compared to the previous one, which is impacting the licensing issue with the license limit.

We are currently using ‘Quality Profile’ as a built-in and all affected lines of code in the issue project are running under ‘Angular/Node’ with the languages ‘Type script’ and ‘JavaScript’.

Please find the attached snapshot for your reference.

Let me know if any information is needed.


Lines of Code

Quality-Profile- Runninf under all project


I suppose you’re saying that after upgrade, more lines of code - presumably in more files - are recognized and that has pushed you over your license LOC?

Looking at the spike in your Lines of Code graph, I’m guessing that some library has been picked up by analysis. Probably your best bet is to browse through the Code tab to see what shows up there unexpectedly, and then exclude it from analysis.