ETA for 9.x LTS

When will the next Sonrqube LTS version (9.x ?) be released?

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We’ve been asking ourselves that lately. :joy:

Hopefully we’ll have an answer for you soon.



I have seen that between LTS and LTS they are released every 18 months.
approximately. Does anyone know if there is an estimate or roadmap for planning the upgrade to the new LTS?

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Hello Ann,

Are there any updates regarding the 9.x LTS ETA?


Hi all,

Thanks for your “patience” :joy:

A date has been announced internally. I’m agitating for permission to announce it here, but vacations are slowing the process. (Yes, we actually take vacations & don’t answer emails when we’re supposed to be off. :tada:)

And I think it’s okay to say you can plan your upgrade for 2023Q1.

I’ll update again when I have more (permission).


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Thanks for the detailed explanation, Ann!
Vacations are super important and no one should break it to reply to some random person in the forum (myself just returned today, so that might explain my impatience :slight_smile: ). No pressure at all. 2023Q1 is fine.

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Hey @AndresUriarte and @asamolov

Take a look at this update!

Great news! Thank you very much Colin, I will let our customers know so we can get ready to upgrade to the latest LTS.