errors":[{"msg":"Unknown url :

SonarQube version: 8.4.1 (build 35646)
OS: Windows 10

Hi. I’m stuck with a bug. When I want to execute the web service, i have the following bug in the browser:

{“errors”:[{“msg”:“Unknown url:/api/report/global_page”}]}

I had this problem with LTS 7.5.3, and then i see in the community that upgrading the Sonar version to 8.4, it would fix it. But, I still having the problem.


Welcome to the community!

Where did you get that URL? And what’s it supposed to yield?


When I am in my own application (in “More” section), I click to submit a form to use a web service. Is a similar code of an official app, called CNESReport


To be clear, CNESReport is community-supported, and so not “official”. You should open an issue on the project.