Error: unzip -o $HOME/.sonar/sonar/ -d $HOME/.sonar/ - cannot find or open /root/.sonar/sonar/, /root/.sonar/sonar/ or /root/.sonar/sonar/

when running bitbucket Pipelines getting an error cannot find or open /root/.sonar/sonar/, /root/.sonar/sonar/ or /root/.sonar/sonar/


can the build and the wrapper run on SonarCloud or only localhost ?

Hello @Ilya_Divinsky,

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it seems that is not found. Are you downloading build-wrapper before trying to unzip it? is the download successful?
You should be able to download the using something like this in your CI script:

curl --create-dirs -sSLo $HOME/.sonar/


Thanks for your prompt reply Abbas.
Sure, the wrapper can run on other instance.
Can it be executed on SonarCloud ?


I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this. You should run build-wrapper on the same instance where you run the scanner. You can do it locally or from any CI tool.

Try to look at some simple examples, they might help.