Error "Unknown url : /api/alm_settings/validate " when adding ALM integration

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Sonarqube version
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () /api/alm_settings/validate?key=name
Create a configuration for Azure DevOps Server in ALM Integrations. When saving configuration a red error bar appears at the top of the website with the error message “Unknown url : /api/alm_settings/validate”

Hi @alexivars,

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Does it happen too if you try to add a Gitlab configuration for example? Name, url and personal access token doesn’t really matter, they could be fake.

If you hit the same 404 on api/alm_settings/validate, then I’d suggest that you check you SonarQube installation.

Please make sure you’ve read these documentation pages:

Hi @Philippe_Perrin

I am also seeing this error when configuring a app with SonarQube Community Edition 8.6 container from Dockerhub. I see the error under Administration->ALM Integrations when I save a new configuration or if I click “check configuration”.

“Unknown url : /api/alm_settings/validate”

I just configured a Github app. However, it looks like this request is being made to the SonarQube server. Is it a valid URL for SonarQube server?

Update: I rolled back to Community Edition 8.5 dockerhub image and I don’t see this error any more.

I confirm that I see the same issue on Sonarqube Is there another workaround aside downgrading to 8.5?

Hey folks.

If you’re using a third-party plugin to hack commercial features onto a Community Edition of SonarQube… this can happen :wink: And there’s not much we can do about any bugs you face. Sorry.