Error: The 'report' parameter is missing


INFO: Scanner configuration file: C:\sonar-scanner\bin\..\conf\
INFO: Project root configuration file: NONE
INFO: SonarQube Scanner
INFO: Java 1.8.0_121 Oracle Corporation (64-bit)
INFO: Windows 7 6.1 amd64


18:29:00.789 INFO: CPD calculation finished
18:29:02.200 INFO: Analysis report generated in 1283ms, dir size=1 MB
18:29:03.078 INFO: Analysis reports compressed in 878ms, zip size=521 KB
18:29:03.078 INFO: Analysis report generated in C:\Users\txt9860\Documents\office\crs\puma-crs-mobi\.scannerwork\scanner-report
18:29:03.078 DEBUG: Upload report
18:29:05.620 DEBUG: POST 400 | time=2540ms
18:29:10.593 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
18:29:10.593 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
18:29:10.593 INFO: Total time: 2:21.921s
18:29:10.708 INFO: Final Memory: 16M/388M
18:29:10.709 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
18:29:10.709 ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution
18:29:10.709 ERROR: The 'report' parameter is missing

It was working fine and suddenly stopped working. Restarted service as well still it does not work.
Seems like report keyword is missing on POST Request. I have 3 projects it happens for all.

and this Thread does not help


The first thing to do here would be to increase your logging level, which you can do by passing -X or sonar.verbose=true on the command line.

Also, can you verify that you’re not running a virus scanner on your analysis machine?


Faced similar issue, and found disk space issue on the server. Once clearing the disk space it worked.