Error: the following files could be located on the following java.library.path

Hello I’m running into this issue for new install:

jvm 1    | WARNING - Unable to load the Wrapper's native library because none of the
jvm 1    |           following files:
jvm 1    |             libwrapper-macosx-aarch64-64.dylib
jvm 1    |             libwrapper-macosx-universal-64.dylib
jvm 1    |             libwrapper.dylib
jvm 1    |           could be located on the following java.library.path:
jvm 1    |             /opt/sonarqube-community/bin/macosx-universal-64/./lib
jvm 1    |           Please see the documentation for the

How should I solve this? I’m on M1 Mac. This happened for both the community edition and developer edition sonarqube

Hey there.

I’m going to close this thread as a duplicate of

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