Error regarding JavaScript/TypeScript/CSS rules were not executed. Only Node.js v14.17 or later is s

Make sure to tell us:

  • What version are you upgrading from?
    8.0 to 9.9
  • System information (Operating system, Java version, Database provider/version)
    Ubuntu 20.0
  • What’s the issue you’re facing?
    I am unable to scan the Javascript/Typescript/CSS as shown in the below image
    The image is from my project where i want to see the issues i am unable to see any issues what to do

Hey there.

Have a look at the SonarQube 9.9 documentation on Scanner Environment, specifically the section on Node.js configuration.

thanks for replying but i got it. The error is due to OS version i am using sonarqube 9.9 in ubuntu version 18.0 so for that case i am getting the error and my code is not scanning


yeah according to that i have modified but getting the error

What did you modify? What do the analysis logs say? Can you share them here?