Error execute Sonarqube instruction

Hi everyone,
I’m using the following version of sonarqube: While for sonarscanner I’m using the version:

When from the visual studio terminal I run the command:

SonarScanner.MSBuild.exe begin /k:“MF-A2A_HC_20231011_2” /d“http://localhost:9000” /d:sonar.token=“sqp_c94b2bbfac8dcee16ac333c68ef36a9fabb5fdde” I get this error “The token you provided doesn’t have sufficient rights to check license”, the call stack:

12:02:09.612 Creating directory: C:\ TFS\A2A\Development\Dev047\Dev047R1\DistributedServicesApp.sonarqube\conf
12:02:09.613 Creating directory: C:\TFS\A2A\Development\Dev047\Dev047R1\DistributedServicesApp.sonarqube\out
12:02:09.634 Downloading from http://localhost:9000/api/server/version
12:02:09.67 Checking validity of server license
12:02:09.672 Downloading from http://localhost:9000/api/editions/is_valid_license
12:02:09.68 The token you provided doesn’t have sufficient rights to check license.
12:02:09.682 Preprocessing failed. Exit code: 1

Thank you


Welcome to the community!

First, I hope you’ve already revoked that token you just published to the world.

And regarding that token, it starts with sqp_, which indicates it’s a project-specific token. Such tokens only have rights to analyze a specific project, and I suppose it was generated for a different project than the one you’re trying to analyze.