ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution: java.lang.IllegalStateException: End of input

We are getting this issue during sonarqube scan. We are using below versions:
SonarQube version: 8.9 LTS
CFamily plugin version:
Build Wrapper : we are using latest one which downloaded from : http://URL/static/cpp/
Build wrapper command: build-wrapper-linux-x86-64 --out-dir /home/cm/jenkins/workspace/RAISE-SonarQubeTrial/src/build_output make clean all


Can you provide the entire stacktrace, please and ideally the entire log?


attaching the output file. I am not able to attach the build-wrapper.log sinc this file is bigger than 20 mb and this thread accepts only 4mbsonar-scanner-output.txt (21.1 KB)