##[error]Docker build failed with exit code 5

Hi! I am using sonarcloud-github-action@master in my pipeline. And it used to work properly untill this day. Now the error occured in docker build stage at step 16/21. The messege is next:
The command ‘/bin/sh -c wget -U “sonarcloud-github-action” -q -O sonar-scanner-cli.zip https://binaries.sonarsource.com/Distribution/sonar-scanner-cli/sonar-scanner-cli-${SONAR_SCANNER_VERSION}.zip && unzip sonar-scanner-cli.zip && rm sonar-scanner-cli.zip && mv sonar-scanner-${SONAR_SCANNER_VERSION} ${SONAR_SCANNER_HOME}’ returned a non-zero code: 5

##[error]Docker build failed with exit code 5


Seeing the same error.

we also see the same issue.
i’m able to download the binary successfully.

seems like the problem is with downloading the artifact.
after removing quiet mode from wget i could see the actual error which is:
"ERROR: The certificate of ‘binaries.sonarsource.com’ has expired."