GitHub Actions error

Pull request

The command '/bin/sh -c wget -U "sonarcloud-github-action" -q -O${SONAR_SCANNER_VERSION}.zip     && unzip     && rm     && mv sonar-scanner-${SONAR_SCANNER_VERSION} ${SONAR_SCANNER_HOME}' returned a non-zero code: 5
##[warning]Docker build failed with exit code 5, back off 5.371 seconds before retry.
/usr/bin/docker build -t 3888d3:6509ed88b58a4b17ac6a4adc5fb7acef -f "/home/runner/work/_actions/sonarsource/sonarcloud-github-action/master/Dockerfile" "/home/runner/work/_actions/sonarsource/sonarcloud-github-action/master"
Sending build context to Docker daemon  123.9kB

Hey there.

This seems similar to this earlier issue.

I’ve also reported this internally. Thanks for the headsup.


Any estimate for the fix?

Any update on this?

Hi @tarlepp,

The certificate on have been regenerated in order to fix the issue on old system containing the expired certificate.


Hi @aneelkkhatri-careem,

It’s should be fixed now.


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