Encryption not working


Using sonarqube version

I am trying to encrypt my GitLab token using the encryption feature. Every attempt results in an error message to contact my administrator. My secret key is stored in sonar user home, and the key’s location is configured in sonar.properties file.

Can you assist with correcting this issue?

Thank you!

Hey there.

  • Where are you seeing the error message? A screenshot would be helpful.
  • Any specific messages showing up in your instance’s logs/web.log file? You may find it useful to raise the log level (Global Administration > System > Log Level) and try the action in order to generate the most useful logs.

Thank you for the response Colin,

I have attached a screenshot of the message that I receive and the web log from that attempt.

SonarQube_web_log.zip (3.4 MB)

Hey there.

Thanks for the details.

While Settings Encryption works for all settings in the global Administration > DevOps Platform Integration – it does not work for tokens provided to the onboarding wizard.

Got it. thanks for the clarification.