Enabling sonar rule should not checkout/add .ruleset file in VS-2017 TFS


My .net solution is configured in MS TFS, a configuration tool. Two development teams are working from different locations on the same TFS solution. My team uses Visual Studio 2017 while the other team uses VisualStudio 2015 for development. Note: the solution is made compatible and we have been using this setup since more than a year.

Our team decided to use Sonarlint. On installing the tool, and modifying the settings (SonarAnalyzer.CSharp) per project, the modified settings was updated in a new .ruleset file, and corresponding .csproj file is checked out due to this new file. I cannot check-in these files as the other team does not use Sonarlint.
Please guide how my team can still use sonarlint and at the same time there are no files to be checked into tfs.



Could anybody from Sonarlint team answer my above query.

Thanks and Regards

Hi @Narayan_Prasad. Apologies for the lateness of this reply.

FYI a new page has been added to the SonarLint for VS wiki that relates to this topic:
Choosing which C# or VB.NET rules to run in Standalone mode