Empty build-wrapper-dump.json on Azure DevOps continuation

Hi @mpaladin
Apologies for directing this to you personally but I was unable to reply to the post that you created for me on this subject and although I thought this matter was resolved I am still seeing the above error. It is just masked by other errors relating to typescript so wasn’t easy to spot. The SonarCloud analysis task is still being failed with following error;
##[error]java.lang.IllegalStateException: The “build-wrapper-dump.json” file was found empty
I have updated my build script with the -nr:False MSBuild switch but this seems to have made no difference.
Please can you let me know if there is anyything further that I can try? I’m happy to provide any logs that may be required.
Kind regards

Hi @benz66,

Would you be able to share your build log with the /nr:false option? If you cannot share it publicly I can send you a PM where you can share it privately.