Edit remediation cost

As an issue administrator in SonarQube, I want to be able to edit the remediation effort values of the individual issues in order to achieve a more accurate estimation of the total debt.

Most importantly, I want to put an individual “price tag” on the “TODO” (squid:S1135) and “FIXME” issues. Naturally, these can have varying efforts. SonarQube finds these issues, but does not know the costs, so they are not included in the technical debt summary. As a human, I am able to understand that // TODO check and fix spelling in Javadoc of this method might cost at most a few minutes, while // TODO rewrite this package to support generics might take several days or even weeks. If I could manually edit these costs in the issues overview, they could be considered when calculating the total technical debt.

Perhaps this is already possible, but I don’t know how to do this?


This used to be available as a commercial feature but the interface for it was “lost” during a long-ago UI rewrite. Shortly after, the supporting web services were made generally available and are still there. Take a look at api/rules/update. Specifically, you’re interested in the remediation_* parameters.

It has been a very long time since I dealt with this, so I can’t give you much guidance on using it. You’ll want to play with it first on a test instance or an unimportant rule.

I believe that existing issues’ remediation costs won’t be updated - only newly raised issues will be affected - but again, it has been a long time.


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