Edit of SCM Accounts


(Slawomir Jaranowski) #1


Is it possible to add more emails to my SCM Accounts?

In some project I used different emails than my actual from github.

I login with github to sonarcloud.io and page https://sonarcloud.io/account has read only values.

(Fabrice Bellingard) #2

This is currently not possible. I guess you’d like to have more SCM accounts so that issues are automatically assigned to you when created, right?

(Slawomir Jaranowski) #3


(Fabrice Bellingard) #4

OK, and have you configured your other email addresses as secondary addresses in GitHub?

(Slawomir Jaranowski) #5

I had configured another three emails, before I first logged to sonarcloud.io, so I have four emails in github.
But in sonarcloud I have only two emails:

  • <githublogin>@github
  • and my primary email from github

(Fabrice Bellingard) #6

Right, so maybe we could look and see if we can get your 3 other email addresses from GitHub APIs, and sync them into SonarCloud. I guess this relates to SQAUTHGITH-18. We’ll add this on our backlog.