Edit of SCM Accounts


Is it possible to add more emails to my SCM Accounts?

In some project I used different emails than my actual from github.

I login with github to sonarcloud.io and page https://sonarcloud.io/account has read only values.

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This is currently not possible. I guess you’d like to have more SCM accounts so that issues are automatically assigned to you when created, right?


OK, and have you configured your other email addresses as secondary addresses in GitHub?

I had configured another three emails, before I first logged to sonarcloud.io, so I have four emails in github.
But in sonarcloud I have only two emails:

  • <githublogin>@github
  • and my primary email from github

Right, so maybe we could look and see if we can get your 3 other email addresses from GitHub APIs, and sync them into SonarCloud. I guess this relates to SQAUTHGITH-18. We’ll add this on our backlog.

This isn’t just an issue with GitHub. I’m migrating a number of projects from SonarQube to SonarCloud where we use Azure DevOps and I have the same problem. DevOps doesn’t appear to have a way of enforcing an author address, so as long as the user can authenticate with DevOps, they can use whatever email address they want (this is primarily an issue with contract staff using other email addresses for their work). So we’ve been working around that by adding multiple SCM addresses to their accounts in SQ. Now that we don’t have that ability, the automatic assignment mechanism is going to fail most of the time.

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We have a similar experience like @ChrisB.
When we used SonarQube we were free to add all aliases of an account. Currently with using Azure Devops for authentication the SCM list is locked and we only have the primary account in SonarCloud.

We went through some name changes over the years and our devops repo still contains all history,
it would add a lot of value for us to allow (maybe through an admin setting) the list to be managed from within SonarCloud. As a work around this can also be managed by an admin in our case.

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@Fabrice_Bellingard Is there a reason Sonarcloud doesn’t allow you to add SCM accounts like Sonarqube does. I am currently working on getting Sonarcloud into a project and manually assigning issues seems like a waste of time when blame data is available. The only roadblock here is being unable to add additional SCM accounts.

@timster01 Is your source code hosted on Git? SonarCloud is designed to work only with GitHub.com, Azure DevOps Services, BitBucket Cloud or GitLab.com, so with repos managed on Git.

It is hosted in an azure devops git repo. Blame data is correct and auto assignment works for some accounts but only if the blame data contains the specific email that is attachhed to the sonarcloud account.

I have logged in with my Gitlab account and automatically picked up my main email address instead of my commit email address. That means issues will not be auto-assigned to me.

It is there any workaround to fix this situation? Also, is it in the roadmap to allow users to add new emails?


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My SonarCloud organization is having a similar issue, but a slightly different use case. All of our projects in SonarCloud are hosted in Azure DevOps git repository, and all of our team members log into SonarCloud using our Azure DevOps credentials.

However, some users in our organization have existing Github accounts. For those users, their commits to Azure DevOps projects are annotated with their Github email addresses. This is incorrect for the purpose of annotating commits in our AzDO git repository. To fix this for users with multiple git accounts, I would instead want to specify these users’ Azure DevOps email address as their primary email address within our SonarCloud organization.

Is that something which used to be possible or is on the roadmap for SonarCloud?