Edit Maintainability criteria


I’m using Governance plugin.
One of my portfolio has 3.5K code smells & 46 days technical debt.

Still the maintainability rating was A.
I’ve checked how this rating is calculated, but I want it to be more stricter.
From where I can change its criteria that applies to all portfolios?

Please suggest.
Thank you

Hi Rahul,

The computation logic at Portfolio level (documented here) cannot be changed. As you can read, it anyhow is a factor/average of underlying project-level maintainability rating. That Maintainability Rating Grid (which determines the grade at project level) can be edited in global administration settings, but proceed with care, as this would then affect all projects analysis.

Understood. Thank you.

The link “https://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONAR/Portfolios” mentioned above is now broken.