Changing the Portfolio overall scores

I am going to start using Portfolios for executive reporting, pretty much exactly like they were designed for. But I’d like to know more about how SonarQube calculates the overall scores for Releasability, Reliability, Security, and Maintainability. I’m asking because I’d like to know if its possible to change this calculation with some kind of weighted algorithm. As we work to dismantle a monolith into microservices, I have 1 project with the majority of the code and the rest of the projects a lot smaller in comparison. I’d like the project with the majority of the code to be weighted more than the others

Hi Michael,

For Releasability, the rating is based on a % of projects with a passing quality gate.
For Reliability, Security, and Maintainability, it’s an unweighted average of the ratings of the projects.

This is covered in the docs.

There’s not currently any mechanism for applying “weight” to projects.