Executive report in SonarQube Enterprise

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From an executive perspective, what can he/she track in the executive report in order to have it as a Key Performance Indicator for code quality ?
Reaching out for help for effective project management :slight_smile:


Portfolios allow you to aggregate projects and applications so you get a rolled-up view of multiple areas of the company. You can also make portfolios composed of other portfolios, and thus replicate your reporting tree if you like. Just to make sure, here’s some cheap ascii ‘art’:

     /   \
   P1     P2
 /   \   /   \
p1   p2 p3   p4

As to the question of what ratings you get in a portfolio, I think the docs cover that fairly well (and not just because I wrote 'em :smile:)

If you’re looking for a single KPI, I’d go with Releasability. It ties back to whether the underlying projects are passing their Quality Gates; i.e. whether the individual projects are meeting organizational expectations to be releasable into production.