Dynamic Java Projects with .properties file best approach

Dear all,

After having put in place with great success using a parameterization template to create new sonar projects automatically in our CI pipeline for Typescript,

I am now struggling to find a generic way of doing the same for Java since most recommendations I see are for using Maven Plugin… the problem we have with the Maven plugin is that its not very easy to parametrize and control in our CI pipeline.

Using sonar-scanner on Java projects seem to produce very little in terms of results…

I am not sure about your question but here is an attempt to answer :
Why do we recommend maven scanner ? because sonar-java requires compiled classes to produce proper results and the whole classpath.

maven/gradle scanner as build tools can easily provides this. This is a bit more painful to do so using solely scanner.
But it is achievable by filling sonar.java.libraries and sonar.java.binariesproperties appropriately.