How to specify in multi module project?

hi,I am using sonarqube9.9community install from docker. I use the sonarqube integration with jenkins,
scan the project by sonar scanner plugin,scanner tool.I meet a question,as java/maven project,we should specify the class file use my project is Microservice Project and it has many modules,how I specify these classes,it has many places. and Can I use ./?

Hey there.

If you’re using Maven, why not use the SonarScanner for Maven? It will configure all of these properties for you. You can find an example in a Jenkins context in these docs

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Oh,thanks,when my company asked me use a scanner to scan the project that includes both the maven project and some front-end project(such as javascript),so I initially opted for a generic way which both support both types of projects.Now I realize this is a bad idea.
Now,I realize prepate two pipeline scripts,For maven project,I use the scanner for maven,for the front project,I use the scanner tool?

It depends on your project structure.

  • If your frontend projects sits anywhere inside your Maven project, you should be able to adjust sonar.sources per Maven module to index those files
  • If the front-end code sits entirely outside your Maven project, two projects will be easiest.

What is the structure of your repo? Where does the front-end project sit in the hierarchy?

hello,my font-end code is entirely outside the maven project,It is a Vue(base javascript) project,I use the SonarScanner,Can I just specify the project key?