Downloading build-wrapper on Mac (Monterey M1 pro chip)

I am trying to run static code analysis for my iOS project. Downloaded the sonarScanner and build-wrappper and have set the path. Running sonarQube server on local host. but before the scan, while running build wrapper command, facing the below error.
build-wrapper doesn’t support Apple Silicon runtime (ARM architecture).

To set up your analysis, instead of using build-wrapper, you should use the Compilation Database configuration option by setting the “sonar.cfamily.compile-commands” scanner property.

There are several methods to generate a Compilation Database. The appropriate one will depend on your toolchain. For example:

*** if you are using CMake, set the “CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS” option**

*** if you are using Xcode, use xcpretty**

For more information, visit the C/C++/Objective-C analysis setup page in the documentation.

sonarQube version :
sonarScanner :


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