Dotnet test project detection - legacy Test Explorer Service tag

Hello, one of my projects for some reason doesn’t show code coverage on the portal (though shows all files from it). In the coverage report this file does exist. Your support suggested to check if Sonar threats the project as TestProject. I tried to follow this doc and logs say: “Sonar: (Tracker.csproj) project has the legacy Test Explorer Service tag {82A7F48D-3B50-4B1E-B82E-3ADA8210C358} → test project.”.
Does it mean I should simply delete a ref to this tag from csproj file? Or any other steps needed?

@Sergey_Machel it should be safe to delete the tag (it was a marker that was added by older versions of Visual Studio to indicate that the Test Explorer should look in the project for tests).

Check the logs again after the next analysis to see if the scanner is now classifying the project as product code rather than test code.

If coverage is still not being imported then have a look at this .NET code coverage troubleshooting guide.