Does V9 modify the way portfolios calc code coverage?

We are using SonarQube Enterprise Edition V9.7. We upgraded from V8 LTS at the end of October

Since then a number of our portfolios have shown a decrease in code coverage that we cannot account for; the projects in the portfolios have maintained or even increased their individual coverage.

Has the way portfolios calculate code coverage been tweaked between V8 and V9?


It shouldn’t have!

Is it possible that the number of projects in the portfolio changed, perhaps with a high coverage project being removed? You can check this number over time in the Measures > Size > Project Branches section of your portfolio.

Hi Colin

Thanks for the tip. I’ve had a look, and project branches was constant before and after the server upgrade.

However, the lines, lines to cover and the files measures dipped in the same way as the coverage after the upgrade and so did the metrics so maybe something did get removed or tidied up at the same time the server was upgraded. Interestingly, the lines of code metric did not change significantly before and after the sever upgrade.

I am also seeing a number of projects reporting 0 Lines of Code in the portfolio breakdown page but I am not sure what this number is referring to exactly; all the projects showing 0 here do have lines of code showing in the individual project pages.

Beat regards


If possible, I’d recommend sharing a screenshot outlining exactly what you’re seeing (something doesn’t sound right) – I’d also recommend making sure your portfolios are freshly recalculated.