Does Sonarqube support ReSharper plugin still, if not what is the replacement for ReSharper Plugin

I want to connect Resharper with sonarqube but in one of the document it is shown that “Resharper plugin is no longer maintained”. So is there any plugin available using which i can connect to resharper.

Hello @sushmita,
The resharper plugin is a 3rd party plugin, so there is nothing we can do to have it maintained (You should ask directly on the plugin repository)

Now if you want to simply inject Resharper issues in SonarQube, that’s possible. Our Scanner for MSBuild will automatically inject in SonarQube issues reported by ANY roslyn based analyzer ran during the build: See section Notes on external .Net issues at the bottom of this documentation page

PS: Resharper was initially NOT a roslyn based analyzer, it was ported to roslyn recently. You must run that ported version to get the expect outcome.

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Thanks for replying Olivier, yeah i got to know about Sonar Scanner MSbuild and i was able to solve my issue.

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