Does SonarQube support functional testing and generate coverage from QA test cases?

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • which versions are you using

  • Community Edition

  • Version 9.2.4 (build 50792)

  • LGPL v3

Scanner 4.2

  • what are you trying to achieve?

Here are some questions we want to make sure SonarQube provides or not:
Below are the items we are trying to achieve:

  1. Functional tests will run against the deployed (and instrumented) application
  2. The SonarQube code scanner should be able to identify what method and branches (the if/then/else), and loop statements have been tested
  3. We need to be able to store the collected coverage data so that we can view trends over time
  4. It would be great if it can also display modified code coverage (how much of the net new code modified from the previous build is tested)

We would love to hear if Sonar has some solution that can provide these capabilities. This will allow us to get any questions answered and clarify provided as it pertains to what we need specifically with our Client.

Thank you


SonarQube won’t run your tests or generate your test reports. It will only read in those test reports (assuming they’re in a format SonarQube understands).

You can get some trending over time, but not granularly.


Thank you so much!

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