Does SonarCloud supports Bitbucket PR decoration and AWS Codebuild as Build environment

We want to integrate SonarCloud with our Bitbucket Project.
AWS CodeBuild is our build environment. We want to leverage PR decoration and run Quality Gate rules on each Builds.
Please suggest if this combination will work.

Hey there.

With enough tinkering (unfortunately there is not a native integration), it’s possible to run SonarCloud analysis with any CI, and have decoration target one of the supported DevOps platforms (like Bitbucket).

Have you done any integration between SonarCloud and AWS CodeBuild at all so far? Such as running analyses of your main branch? Maybe you’re already running PR analysis but just lack the decoration? It would be great to know a bit more about where you are.

We have not done any integration between SonarCloud and AWS CodeBuild.
We are currently evaluating if SonarCloud can help us with PR decoration and Quality Gate rules.

This guide has a good step-by-step explanation of what you need to do to start your code with AWS code build.