Does disabling a rule remove old issues?

We have introduced SonarQube and noticed that some rules do not make sense for our project, at least for specific dirs/files.

We disable rules for the project using extraProperties on the SonarQubePrepare task in our Azure pipeline YAML file. An excerpt is attached, with project-specific names replaced with NAME

As an example, we disable the rule Cognitive Complexity of functions should not be too high, with ruleKey=typescript:S3776

Now, we have an issue from the past - it was created before this particular rule was disabled and it is still shown in the Web UI. Is this expected behaviour?
We’d like this issue to not show up anymore in the WebUI and thought that disabling the rule would achieve this (we prefer the YAML file because it is under version control.)

How should we achieve our goal? Should we mark all violating issues of this type as won't fix using the Web UI?

  • Version 9.9 (build 65466)
-   task: SonarQubePrepare@5.12.0
    displayName: Sonarqube - Prepare
    continueOnError: true
      SonarQube: 'NAME'
        scannerMode: 'CLI'
        configMode: 'manual'
        cliProjectKey: 'NAME'
        cliProjectName: 'NAME'
        cliSources: 'NAME'
        extraProperties: |
          sonar.test.inclusions=**/*.spec.ts                                          sonar.typescript.exclusions=**/node_modules/**,**/typings.d.ts,**/main.ts,**/environments/environment*.ts,**/*routing.module.ts,**/ rest_api/**


To be super explicit about this:

  • your exclusions are (generally) working as expected
  • a typescript:S3776 rule that was created before the exclusions were introduced is still in Open status on a file with /e2e/ in the path


If so, could we have a screenshot of the issue for confirmation?