Does automatic analysis support long-lived branches?

I’m using SonarCloud automatic analysis and, with the default regex, I pushed a branch called branch-sonar but I don’t see it being tracked as a long-lived branch.


Only the default branch is currently supported, as mentionned in the documentation:

[…]Autoscan will automatically trigger a new analysis after each new push on the default branch and after any Pull Request activity.[…]

However, we plan to support analysis of other long-lived branch.
You can track progress on this feature by following MMF-1763.

Thanks for that.
Do you have any advice on how to work towards fixing issues reported by SonarCloud?

My problem is that making a PR that fixes issues doesn’t clearly show if they are fixed since the checks only happen on the diff so until is not merged you don’t really know if you fixed anything.

@benoit is there any progress prioritising this functionality? Without it is very annoying to fix tech debt having to merge on the main branch every time.