Documentation Update - Azure DevOps Integration

On the documentation page,

Azure DevOps Integration | SonarQube Docs

could we add a bit of information under .NET specifying the msbuild option in the Prepare task versus “standalone scanner” for dotnet (.NET Core SDK) based builds? This would eliminate a lot of confusion for some developers. As it stands, the extension doesn’t seem to warn users that the they might want to use the standalone scanner because the .NET Core Build task is being used instead of the MSBuild task and therefore shouldn’t be using the msbuild option.

Otherwise, the Prepare and Analysis steps will certainly try, but users will see many strange errors…most stemming around dependencies and ambiguous references because msbuild is getting confused.

Thanks in advance! You all are doing awesome!

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Hi @kirkpabk , thanks for the feedback!

We’ve created a Documentation ticket and will look at it further in conjunction with another report on Azure DevOps tasks.

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