Can I use StandAlone scanner Option to scan .Net project


I am using Azure DevOps CI Pipeline to Scan a .Net project in SonarQube.
As I am using StandAlone Scan option in Prepare analysis on SonarQube task in CI Pipeline.
So after the scan is completed the C# files are not getting Scanned and the files which are getting scanned are .js, .css. .cshtml and the also under SonarQube Dashboard under Code tab it just shows files such as .js & .css files.
So my question is like Does Standalone scanner can be used to scan the C# files or .Net application ?
Does StandAlone scanner can scan C# files?
If yes then what are the steps to do so.

As I Know the MSbuild scan option is used to scan .Net projects but if I want to use Standalone scanner option only.



You cannot use SonarScanner CLI to analyze .NET projects.