Documentation: A request to cross-link Quality Gate definition and Metric defintions


(Sumanth Rajagopal) #1

I was getting started with defining Quality Gates and was trying to understand what all the Condition definitions (e.g Security Rating etc.) and the Warning and Error Ratings (e.g. A, B etc.) meant. I had a hard time finding it and happened to find it with some search (that I forget now).

I thought a link to the ‘Metric Definitions ( )’ page from the ‘Defining Quality Gates ( )’ page would make sense and also a lot easier for someone who is new to Quality Gates.

thanks for considering,

(Nicolas Bontoux) #2

Hey Sumanth,

Check this out: latest version of SonarQube provides a tooltip right in the Quality Gate UI, which links to that very Metrics Definition documentation, now even embedded in the product !

This is an ongoing effort on our side to provide more helpful documentation right in the product, and at the very place where you need that info!

(Sumanth Rajagopal) #3

Hi Nicolas,

That tooltip is cool and helpful for this purpose!

Additionally, for folks going to the documentation it might help to still have the cross link.

Just my 2 cents.



(Nicolas Bontoux) #4

Fair point Sumanth. Have made an update in the upcoming documentation:

These metrics are recommended and come as part of the default quality gate. We strongly advise you to adjust your own quality gates to use them to make feedback more clear to your developers looking at their quality gate on their project page. Use Metric Definitions to understand metrics and ratings in more details.
(as of writing you won’t see this change live, it’ll come with next SonarQube versions)

(Sumanth Rajagopal) #5

Hi Nicolas,

Great! It will make it so much more easier for new users going to the docs.

Thanks a lot,