Docu for "Analysis in Java 11" is not existing in "latest" docs

Hi there,

i wanted to inform you that the scanner config page for running the scanner in java 11 is missing from latest docs.

I will tell colleagues that they need not worry about the warning but will the page “make it over” to latest docs?


P.S.: Let me explain my journey a bit:

  • wanted to inform someone about the scanner config for 9.x Servers

  • searched for “sonarqube scanner java 11” and followed the first fitting result

  • opened Moving Analysis to Java 11 | SonarQube Docs

  • was irritated by the warning box

  • used the supplied switch to the newest docu (click on 9.5)

  • landed on the starting page for docs, a tiny bit baffled

  • thought that maybe the UI of the switch is borked, entered “java 11” in the searchfield of latest docs but did not find anything

  • checked the “menu-tree” of 9.2 docs for the location of the page and crosschecked latest docs to realize that the page is not existing

Hey there.

You can now find the information in the more general Scanner Environment documentation, which does seem to appear when I search for Java 11.

Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 10.43.56

I don’t like this either.

Just so you know, we are revamping the documentation site soon (moving to a new platform) which should hopefully let us take our documentation to the next level. Our solution right now is a bit home-grown.

Thank you colin, the Page you referred me to has everything included :+1:

Sadly, i did not expect a rework of the docs, actually :innocent: (that is why i did not search the other presented results, but only tried to find “the one missing”)

good news about the docs platform change, tho … i only get a tiny awkward sting when i read “take it to the next level” … but that is probably just me and my allergic reactions :clown_face:

//edit: only one additional thought: having a “versionized documentation” is, more generally written, a very good thing in my view … it might just bear a greater burden to keep it up to date? dunno :man_shrugging:

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An actual index-based search like we now have on is, to me, next level. :sneezing_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

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