Docker container out of free inodes

I run SQ 9.8 on Docker. Sometimes inodes run out and SQ stops working properly. Do you have any information on how to avoid this? The /opt/sonarqube/temp folder seems to contain a lot of files and has taken up all the free inodes.
Rebooting is currently the workaround.
I’ll try to gather more information about the files and where they are located next time. A small window for investigating during production stop.
After reboot:

Before reboot:

And today’s overview:


It looks like SQ is not clearing the cache. Can anyone confirm that we can delete these folders and files without consequences? Or any other suggestions are welcome:-)

Like - /opt/sonarqube/temp/ce/13737775913803597899/12572303819497947125

Just a note -
the issue has also appeared in previous versions.
The lack of memory affects most of our background tasks that fail.
Last time it happens after our project promotion.

Please, do us a favor and look at this critical issue!

@Colin can you help us?

I have found this error in CE logs:

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