Dispose with using triggers S2930 (C# 8.0)

Using SonarAnalyzer.CSharp and SonarLint for VS 2019

using var fh = System.IO.File.Open(path, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Write);

Sonar claims the variable is not disposed (S2930).

Thanks @mkahvi !

We do not support C# 8.0 syntax yet. We are aware that it is going to be released at the end of September.


Hello Andrei, I have been unable to find confirmation that C#8.0 syntax is supported. Was this released as expected at the end of September?

hi @orville

In my initial message I meant that we’re aware that C# 8 is going to be released at the end of September (and it was :slight_smile: ).

Our current main priority is to add support for C# 8 (it’s one of the goals of this year) and it’s work in progress. However, I don’t have a clear ETA for it.