Disable Sonar analysis for JS/Vue/TS, but keep coverage

Is there a way to disable JS analysis for a bunch of languages, but keep their coverage reporting enabled? We have no use case of letting Sonar analyse Vue/JS/TS, but would like to continue having the coverage report enabled.

The JS analysis simply takes forever for us, but let’s not digress into attempting to solve that problem, as it’s unrelated.

Note: This is potentially a duplicate of this issue.

For now, we simply overwrite $PATH, so that NodeJS isn’t present in it. However, a cleaner solution would be much appreciated.

Hey there.

Coverage reporting requires parsing of the files, so there’s no way to turn it off completely. While you could turn off all but 1 rule in the Javascript Quality Profile (at least 1 rule must be active), we don’t expect SonarQube to be used just as a coverage calculator, for any language. We would rather try and solve the performance problem!

I see. Well, we solved it by removing NodeJS out of the path, just before we run the scanner. This has allowed us to keep coverage reports, but disable the analysis for JS.