Different rulesets for different projects in one SonarQube panel

First, I should say I am very new to sonarqube. My question is that we are two different teams using the same sonarqube panel for our projects so we defined different projects but I couldn’t find a way how can I create new rulesets for our project because we don’t want to change other team’s ruleset. is there any solution for that?
we are using * Community Edition * Version 9.2.3

Did you review the documentation from the other thread?

Yes but I couldn’t find any clue about when the projects are in the same panel if I can have different rulesets and if the answer is yes how! :frowning_face:

What do you mean “in the same panel”?

well As you can see on this screenshot we have for example 3 projects 1, 2 and 3 but there is only one rules tab on the top of this panel and I want these three project have their own customized rulesets.

Quality Profiles define the set of rules that apply to a project, and different Quality Profiles can be applied to different projects.

Have you tried creating a new Quality Profile?

Oh I see. so I can choose from the default ruleset in a quality profile then assign it to different projects?

Thank you So much Colin for guiding me :slight_smile: